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Show Day

You spent the last 12 weeks training and preparing for this moment!  You have invited your friends and family to watch you perform.  It's your time to shine!  This show is to celebrate everything you just accomplished over the last 12 weeks!  

Pack your dance bag the night before

Make sure you have all your costumes organized and packed the night before.  Show day can be a bit tough on the nerves and realizing you forgot a costume piece can make it even more stressful


Arrive early

Typically arrival time on show day is between 4pm and 6pm, this allows any final kinks to be worked out and gives you the opportunity to set up your space, finish any touch ups and have a bit of time to decompress.


Arrive Ready

Please arrive to the venue ready and dressed in your costume base, this includes the having the majority of your hair and makeup done.  If you need help with anything we will be on site to assist but we/you will not have time to get ready from scratch.


Be Professional

This show is a paid show, meaning your guests will have paid for their tickets.  We ask that you treat them as paying guests.  We encourage that you mingle and socialize but we ask that you wear something over top of your costume and you are not eating outdoor food in front of guests (i.e. Subway).

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