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Stage Rehearsal

This is SUPER important for the success of the show, if anything is going to go majorly wrong it will be during the stage rehearsal.  This rehearsal will take place at the venue and will allow us the opportunity to make sure spacing, song transitions and costume changes work.  

Pack your dance bag the night before

Make sure you have all your costumes organized and packed the night before.  This will be the one and only time you are able to practice at the venue without an audience.  If there are any costume malfunctions this is the time we want it to happen.


Arrive on time

We will only have the venue for a limited time so it is critical that you arrive on time and prepared to dance.  We want to be able to do as many show run throughs as we can before our time is up.


Arrive Ready

Full hair and makeup is not required but it is strongly encouraged, this will also give you the opportunity to ensure that you are able to dance with the makeup and hair style you selected.

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