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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Costumes

Hello Vixen, on this page you will learn everything you need to know about purchasing your costume base.  This costume base will be worn for any Vixen related events such as photoshoots and will also be worn for our shows.  If you plan on dancing with us long term, we strongly suggest you invest the money into good quality pieces for your base.  While we will always wear this costume base, the dances that you are part of may require accessory pieces which will be determined by your trainer.

Let's Talk Heels...

We are a 12 week HEELS dance program.  This means that you will be spending a good majority of the time dancing in heels.  We strongly encourage that you select a heel that is comfortable to dance.  Things to take into consideration when selecting your heels:

  • They must be black

  • There is no heel height or thickness requirement, please select something that is easy for you to safely dance in.  However, our floors will thank you if you opt for a thicker heel.

  • You want to ensure that your heels are secured with some sort of strap, we do not recommend wearing pumps

  • Boots and booties are also acceptable  heels to wear

PRO TIP: The heels you train in should be the same or similar heels you wear on show day.

Things to look for when purchasing your bodysuit:

  • Dancer Bodysuit

  • It must be solid black

  • NO lingerie 

  • Sleeves are fine but we ask that they are no longer than a t-shirt

  • No thong body suits

PRO TIP: If your body suit it too 'cheeky', has snap closure and/or you want a bit more coverage you can wear spandex shorts (similar to cheer shorts) over top.

If you go to Adajio (15379 Castle Downs Road NW) and tell them you are with Vixen Fatale Dance Force, they will tell you exactly what you need.  If you require a specific size, you can also see if they will order a body suit in for you!




We are not talking about just any tights, we are talking dancer tights! Think spanx for your legs!  There are two type of tights that you will need:

  1. Footed performance tights in a beige or tan color

  2. Fishnets with the small holes in black

We recommend purchasing both these items from a dance supplier, the one we often use is Adajio, they will have both of these items.  The beige tights will be worn under your fishnets.

PRO TIP: If you go to Adajio (15379 Castle Downs Road NW) and tell them you are with Vixen Fatale Dance Force they will tell you exactly what you need and will give you a 10% discount! 

We are dancers raised in the dance community and we love all the glamour that comes with show day!  Don't forget to complete your look with a pair of rhinestone earrings!  The bigger and flashier, the better.  But please make sure they are comfortable for you! 

PRO TIP: They are very easy to lose and there is something about dance earrings specifically that causes them to go missing.  We always recommend that you have a couple pairs on hand.


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